This past weekend saw the presentation of our Home & Garden Awards. Thanks to our partnering sponsors POWELL RIVER BUILDING SUPPLY/RONA  and SPRINGTIME GARDEN CENTRE. This year’s winners were:

  1. Grand General Home Award:   6290 Oak
  2. Grand Heritage: 5600 Marine
  3. Most Improved Home: 5483 Maple
  4. Best Overall Garden: 5468 Laburnum
  5. Best Containers: 5426 Laburnum
  6. Most Improved Garden: 5483 Maple
  7. Best Kitchen Garden: 5772 Willow
  8. Best Garden Structures: 5776 Maple
  9. Best Commercial/Institutional: Arbutus Apartments

Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to next year’s competition as we prepare to celebrate our centennial.